General Conditions

General Conditions

   The technical organization of this program has been conducted 
by EUROCLASSTOUR SL. Retail travel agency , based in Malaga and licensed CIAN title . - 291008-1 and CIF B- 92644756 .


      This brochure is valid from 01.10.16 to 31.12.17 as indicated by seasons and prices with corresponding supplements. All SALE PRICES ARE PUBLIC per person considering currency rates , fuel , airfares , etc. . , to date 30.09.16 and can be modified by changing prices currency equivalent , increased fuel , airfares or before the lack of confirmation in the establishments listed . Airport taxes are not included.

   The prices of air travel trips are subject to change by the airlines agreed .

   Prices are not valid during Easter , bridges , Carnival , Christmas , local festivals, fairs and special events , check prices during these periods .

1.On coach trips will be allocated at one GRATUITY PAYMENT EVERY 25 PERSONS in a room for adult groups and triple / quad for student groups , unless otherwise stated in our confirmation or itinerary . 2.The package tours coach + plane + tickets or tickets shall be granted one GRATUITY PAYMENT EVERY 30 PEOPLE BY PROGRAM in double room for groups of adults and triple / quad for student groups , unless otherwise stated in our confirmation or program.


The city hotels listed are always understood within the limits of the same without it serves to understand as downtown .

The categories shown are those authorized in different countries except those in which there is no category hotel , in which we indicate the category that according to our criteria correspond considering hotels listed in other countries and similar services .

The accommodation unless indicated otherwise , shall be in rooms with bath or shower and beds, in some cases ( mainly cities in France) , there may be rooms with double beds for two berths or sofa bed .

Accommodation will be in double rooms for adult groups and triple and quadruple rooms for student groups , plus a double for teacher leaders and a single for the driver in the cases indicated the same price for accommodation in triple / quadruple as double , in the cases indicated different price depending on occupancy, the price will be applied in a room up to 1 double bedroom per group , if much of the group wants accommodation in twin , check prices as cities .

This wholesale no responsibility for any damage that may cause groups and in some cases , hotels may request a deposit as security for the group's arrival which will be refunded in full on departure if they have not caused any damage . On this point, the hotels often warn and also notify the group but in the event that the hotels do not notify us that they will request a deposit can not tell the group , and this is in any case required.

Groups that exceed the capability of a bus of 54 people may be divided into two or more hotels .


IMPORTANT NOTE : In this program itineraries transport when NOT INCLUDE breakfast night stage after the same except when explicitly requested upon confirmation and payment.

At lunch and dinner not including beverages .

The confirmed at booking time must be met as specified in our confirmation , otherwise we are not liable for any loss of services if there has been no notice about it.

In stating travel supplement of half or full board, lunch and dinner will be in hotels or restaurants , as confirmed in each case, and only cover the days with accommodation .


On bus trips there but we recommend limiting baggage per traveler carrying a suitcase or travel bag on tickets there limit of 20 kilos per person.


All reservations and possible modifications must be made
in writing to our office by fax, also the total confirmed services will be informed by us using the same route.

Except contrary agreement , to confirmation service on our part, will be paid as a deposit for 30% of the total amount of services confirmed for the group and the rest to eight days in advance of departure.


Relevant documentation will be provided to deliver the various service providers such as hotels , restaurants , guides , tickets , airlines, etc. . , Where expressly indicated in each case included in our confirmation , distribution of rooms , meal times , etc .

Neither the petitioner travel agency or any component of the team may change or changing sign our distribution bonds or any other type of service indicated therein, except where there is express permission from us.

If for any reason at the last minute a person is incorporated to the group, the requesting agency must inform us immediately because otherwise, hotels and other service providers may not accept it , taking as standard exclusively accept any seats previously . If it is accepted , hotels or other service providers may apply their published rates for individual customers , declining any responsibility on our part .

Each traveler must provide their documentation in order according to the country to visit such as visa , passport , identity card or parental authorization .


We recommend in all cases hire a guide for travelers companion advantage over their travel time and visits as companion group mainly be responsible for the coordination of schedules, reconfirmation of accommodation , lunch and dinner times , etc. . The function of the guide is to reconfirm companion services , distribution of rooms , coordinating departure times and orient passengers of the cities to be visited in any place almost panoramic views , visits and inside museums or archaeological sites as for this local guide is required to be reserved separately.


If cancellation occurs between 30 and 15 days to the departure of the group , we will invoice 10% of the total bill .

Between 14 and 7 days before the arrival of the 25% of the total booking .

With less than 7 days before the arrival of the 100 % overhead .

In case of air travel trips on charter flights or reserved with special rates on scheduled flights at risk , the airline seats will be billed as follows (unless previously agreed other conditions depending on the airlines used ) :
- 25 % of the air space if the cancellation is made 90 days before departure .
- 50 % of the air space if the cancellation occurs between 60 and 45 days before departure.
- 75 % of the air space if the cancellation occurs between 45 and 30 days before departure.
- 100 % of the air space if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the departure date . Similarly, the output no show the total loss will the air space .


Any possible claim on the services contracted and confirmed, shall be provided by the group at the time and place where there is so , as organizers, we can verify and provide the best possible solution "in situ " , in order to avoid incurring possible subsequent claims that can not easily be checked if remade at the time ; those groups that do not report on this issue at the time, consider that all services have been provided satisfactorily and therefore no entitlement , once the trip .

IMPORTANT NOTE : The prices are not valid during Easter , bridges , Carnival , Christmas , local festivals, fairs and special events. CHECK PRICES DURING THESE PERIODS .


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